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Hairborist approaches a new way of hairdressing, we combine hair care with personal well-being.

As a pioneer in organic production, our unique knowledge of essential oils allows us to offer you this remarkable product effective on your hair, your skin and emotions.

From our principles we have established a unique working method with all respect for nature.

Our packaging is 100 % recyclable, we systematically use raw materials from organic farming as far as this is possible, and our production fits perfectly within the framework of innovation and sustainability.


The hairdressers who use Hairborist proceed in a unique way. Your customers will not only visit you for their hair
but also to have a break and enjoy a very relaxing experience they cannot have in a regular salon.

A hair salon is one of the few places where people listen. Why don’t we focus on a salon that combines well-being with beauty ?

100% Made in Belgium

Because we have more than 20 years of experience in the specialized production of natural and organic products and are surrounded by the best professionals in the hairdressing sector, Hairborist became the benchmark for high quality, organic hair cosmetics.

Our unique and varied approach made us a leader in the market of natural well-being.

Bio is an essential value in our philosophy. The majority of our range is labeled with Ecogarantie or Biogarantie, undeniably the most stringent organic label in Europe .
We choose quality over profit. This is why we offer a product with an unequaled quality without being expensive for consumers.