The Benefits of Using a Clay Mask for Hair

What is Clay?

Clay is formed and extracted from a variety of volcanic rocks. Depending on the iron oxides content, you’ll find different colors of it from green, white, pink, red, yellow… However, it’s green clay that remains the most popular choice as it’s rich in trace elements and minerals which are perfect for beauty treatments. Green clay is prepared by a process of sun-drying which is then crushed into a powder. Ideally, you should opt for organic clay for any hair and scalp treatments.

The Benefits of a Green Clay Mask

A green clay mask is a very fine, light green powder. A mask is an excellent way of drawing out impurities and toxins from the scalp. It has detoxifying agents that protect the skin and hair. A clay mask can be used once or twice a week. This treatment helps absorb dead skin cells and cleanses the scalp. Clay is also excellent for excess sebum that caused blocked pores. It has purifying properties, so this helps to rebalance the secretion of sebum. Perfect for hair that gets greasy fast!

How to use a clay mask on hair

A clay mask should be applied to towel dried damp hair. But only on the roots and not on the tips (as it can dry up pretty quickly). Next, gently massage the scalp without rubbing it. In addition to being relaxing, this massage promotes blood circulation in the scalp. Let the mask soak for about 20 minutes, so the clay penetrates deep into the hair fiber. Rinse your hair thoroughly. Clay continues to be a central component for any hair, body, face and scalp treatments.

A Clay Mask from Hairborist

A purifying gentle detox clay mask for the skin and scalp.

Clay mask for your hair