Our label

Hairborist has chosen to work with EcoGarantie, the most recognised and respected organic label in Belgium. The requirements under the EcoGarantie label are unique and reviewed every year to adapt to current policy changes. Hairborist outlines its commitment below to ensure respectable standards and works alongside EcoGarantie to fulfil its obligations under this label.

The specifications defined by Ecogarantie® are based on:

  • The principles of sustainability,
  • Respect for the delicate balance between plants, animals and humans,
  • The expectations from consumers for environmentally friendly products.

As a result, the environmentally friendly ingredients and processing methods under the Ecogarantie® label must be adhered to under a specified criteria.


  • Sustainability takes into account social, economic and ecological responsibilities. Which is why, while conducting entrepreneurial activities in an ecological way, the company:
    • Must respect human rights and adopt an ethical approach,
    • Apply a fair pricing policy,
    • Must be vigilant of the origin of sourced ingredients used to produce these natural eco products and the renewable nature of raw materials.

    • Socially
      • Corporate responsibility to respect basic human working rights linked to the social justice system. Any company that employs more than 10 people must have a social justice policy in place. Ensuring equal rights and fair treatment for all employees, without discrimination based on age, gender, origin, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

    • Economically
      • Every party involved must be profitable. Use a fair pricing policy to ensure suppliers and consumers benefit equally.

    • Ecologically
      • Environmentally friendly where possible.
        • Produce natural eco products, where possible,
        • Never test on animals,
        • Use renewable raw materials and packaging,
        • Identify origin of ingredients according to outlined procedures,
        • No halogenated compounds,
        • Do not use any OGM or OGM techniques in production,
        • Eradicate or limit amount of VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds),
        • Reduce energy consumption during production,
        • Decreasing waste during the delivery of raw materials,
        • Increase levels of recycling,
        • Lower emissions,
        • Opt for efficient forms of transportation.


  • The EcoGarantie® products must comply with the Belgian and European legislation on product safety. Subsequently, as a rule of thumb every company needs to take satisfactory measures regarding traceability.

Environmentally friendly business

  • Ecogarantie® states that all natural eco labelled products are environmentally friendly. Therefore under the label we must minimise any adverse effects on nature. This is reflected by reducing toxic sea life waste, having good biodegradability techniques in both anaerobic and aerobic conditions and limiting the amount of harmful minerals.