The Benefits of Using a Clay Mask for Hair

What is Clay?

Clay is formed by and extracted from a variety of volcanic rocks. Depending on the content of the iron oxides the colors may range from white or yellow to pink, red, and even green. Green clay, one of the most popular choices, is rich in trace elements and minerals perfect for beauty treatments. It is prepared by first drying in the sun and later being crushed into a fine powder. When selecting your skin, hair, and scalp treatments we highly recommend to go organic, if possible.

The Benefits of a Green Clay Mask

This all-natural, light green concoction is the perfect way to draw out impurities and toxins from the scalp and hair thanks to the detoxifying agents. Depending on your hair and scalp type it may be used one to two times per week. This treatment helps absorb dead skin cells and cleanses the scalp. Excess sebum causes blocked pores, therefore, the purifying properties of the mask help to rebalance your body’s natural sebum. This is great news for anyone who has hair that gets greasy fast!

How to Use on the Hair

Apply the paste to towel dried damp hair next to the scalp. It is important to apply only on the roots and not on the tips as it can dry quite quickly. Next, gently massage the scalp without rubbing it. This self-care treatment is more than relaxing – the massage promotes blood circulation in the scalp which lowers stress while aiding hair growth. Allow the mask to rest for about 20 minutes to ensures that the clay penetrates deep into the hair fiber. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. This natural product continues to be central in many hair, body, face and scalp treatments.

A Clay Mask from Hairborist

A purifying gentle detox clay mask for the skin and scalp.

Clay mask for your hair

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