Essential oils during pregnancy

Sie können ätherische Öle während der Schwangerschaft verwenden

The use of essential oils during pregnancy

Hairborist places great importance on the concept of wellness. Aromatherapy – a vital part of wellness – makes use of essentials oils which offer many benefits to the mind and body. In addition to providing a pleasant smell, aromatic oils can help alleviate certain conditions and in some cases, provide a solution. Questions and concerns often arise, however, when it comes to pregnancy. Inquiring minds want to know: can the benefits of essential oils be enjoyed by pregnant women safely?

If you are a mother-to-be asking asking yourself this all-important question, then you’ve come to the right place. Hairborist has asked an independent expert to research on our behalf. They examined the use of the Hairborist essential oil range for pregnant women. The study also focuses on children.

The expert’s findings were clear: there is no danger from using essential oils during pregnancy; therefore, if you are wanting to use these precious oils, Hairborist’s range may be enjoyed safely. There are no negative consequences or side effects, nor were any harmful risk factors identified when used on children. It is reassuring to know that everyone can benefit from these therapeutic oils. It is crucial, however, that you follow the safety guidelines, recommendations, and dosage levels stated on the packaging.

Other observations…

Women tend to have a heightened sense of smell while pregnant. This means some women may not enjoy or tolerate smells and odors that they may have prior to pregnancy. For this reason, we have developed and formulated our Sensity shampoo. This shampoo is free from essential oils and fragrances. It is 100% natural and derived from soap nuts.

Despite these positive findings, we, at Hairborist, sometimes advise against the use of essential oils during pregnancy, especially in those crucial first three months. Although entirely harmless, our Renovator hair care as well as our Aromatics and Aromasynergies range may contain high concentration levels of essential oils; therefore, we advise not to use them at least until the second trimester.

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