Hair loss in women: the common internal causes

Thinning hair or hair loss

Research shows that many women will suffer from thinning hair or temporary hair loss at some point in their life and they want to know- why? Thinning hair or hair loss is difficult to attribute to just one thing. There are numerous reasons for a hair loss in women. However, it is difficult to trace the actual root problem linked to internal and external factors of thinning or loss of hair. In this article, we focus on the internal factors.

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Hair loss in women: the internal factors


Taking strong medication is one of the leading culprits of hair loss in women. Drugs or specific medical treatments can have an aggressive effect on the body. Typically, severe hair loss is witnessed several days or months later. Read about medication related hair loss.

2. Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal imbalances or disorders have a direct link to our glands. Our glands play a significant role in how we function daily. Menopause or puberty may also upset the balance of the skin resulting in abnormal hair loss. Read more about hormonal imbalances here.

3. Dietary deficiencies

Our diet plays a vital role in how our skin and hair look. Poor nutrition or a lack of vitamins and minerals can take a toll on the body. Nutritional deficiencies have a direct link on the production of sebum which indirectly causes hair loss. Read more here.

4. Alopecia

Alopecia areata (spot baldness) is a condition that causes patchy bald spots. It’s one of the leading causes of damage to the hair follicles, and thus loss or thinning of hair. Although the reasons are unclear, alopecia is usually associated with emotional shock as a trigger that eventually leads to circular or patchy hair spots. Read more about this condition in detail.

5. Trauma or shock

Traumatic or shocking experiences can trigger the hair to loosen. A shock to the body can be aggressive and thus negatively impact hair growth. A shock to the system (due to major surgery or if you experience sudden trauma)  can cause thinning hair or loss of hair. This type of shock is only evident a few months later. Another type of shock is due to the use of anesthesia. Strong and powerful drugs affect the proper functioning of nerves preventing cell stimulation and reproduction.

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