Fine Lavender Essential Oil: Pure Plant Therapy

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Fine Lavender

Lavender is a beautifully hued violet-blue plant which gives off an intoxicating fragrance. The plant grows predominately in the Provence regions of southern France but is cultivated in Eastern countries, particularly in Bulgaria. Fine Lavender has been used to scent water for baths, make herbal teas, or to make small scented potpourri sachets for wardrobes.

Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) is derived from steam distilling the flowering stems. It is widely used in perfumery and cosmetics for its fresh, herbaceous, floral scent. Lavender oil is appreciated by many for its relaxing and calming effects on the body. It is one of the most effective essential oils for a real sense of well-being. Lavender is used to relieve stress, nervousness,  and to help fall asleep!

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oils are high in ester (linalyl acetate) and monoterpene (linalool). The combination of these substances ensures that the oil provides different effects: antispasmodic, calming, disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, skin-healing, muscle relaxing, calming heart palpitations and regulating the heart and nervous system, as well as repelling insects and parasites. It also helps people with depression, fungi, scars, hypersensitivity, pain, and allergies. With all these fantastic benefits, it is understandably one of the most popular essential oils on the market.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing properties, fine lavender essential oil is often used to treat wounds, burns, irritated skin, and other skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, etc.).

Effective as both skin and hair care it prevents and treats skin conditions, soothes itching, treats acne, insect bites, wounds, and rosacea. Lavender oil also is used homeopathically for bronchitis, coughs, sore throats, veinal infections.

Finally, the calming scent is helpful for people who have conditions relating to the nervous system such as migraines, asthma, abdominal pain, and nausea.

Main component

Esters (linalyl acetate), Monoterpenols (linalool)

Extracted from

Flower Stems


French Provence and Bulgaria

  • Skin: acne, sensitive skin, irritated skin and redness
  • Hair: dandruff, psoriasis, skin inflammation and treating lice

  • Anti-viral, anti-bacterial
  • Powerful anti-spasmodic
  • Calming, anti-depressive, sedative
  • Regenerates the skin (scars)
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Pain reliever
  • Eases muscular swelling
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Repels insects and parasites
  • Regulates heart rate and calms the nervous system

  • Skin disorders: psoriasis, eczema, burns
  • Hypertension and treatment of heart acceleration
  • Anxiety, migraine, sleeping problems, abdominal pain, asthma, nausea …
  • Cramps and tensions

Pregnant women: first 3 months

  • Allergies
  • Photosensitivity for certain people

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