A natural shampoo for your kid’s hair

Waschen Sie das Haar Ihres Kindes mit gutem Shampoo, entdecken Sie die guten Shampoos für Kinder

Kids shampoo

Babies, toddlers, kids – all need regular their hair washed regularly. Just as with adults, we place great importance on what products come in contact with our children’s skin. Of all the kids shampoos on the market only a few are mild and natural. A child’s hair is more sensitive than that of an adult’s and, therefore, it needs a gentler kind of care. Shampoos and chemical products can too often cause damage to the scalp. We are lead to believe that kids shampoos have fewer chemical ingredients; however, these products often cause more damage to the scalp and hair than we know. If you’re looking for the best natural shampoo for your kids, you’ve come to the right place.

A natural shampoo for your kids

Good news: most children’s shampoos are low in acidity. This means they are considered neutral for the skin and contain little or no perfume, which limits the risk of allergies.

From the age of 3, it is recommended to use a mild natural shampoo – one that is detoxifying and cleansing to remove excess sebum. Don’t be surprised if your child’s current shampoo contains SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). Many parents are shocked to find this ingredient in shampoos for their little ones. You may believe that you have selected the best natural shampoo for kids on the market, but are you really sure what’s in it? It is always a good idea to check the ingredient list at the back of the shampoo. SLS is a cheap and aggressive, but very effective cleansing and foaming agent added to shampoos for all ages.

How often should you wash your child’s hair?

Experts have differing views on how often you should wash your child’s hair. Most people who live in a big city tend to wash their children’s hair every two days, due to pollution and external factors. Otherwise, every three days is sufficient. The natural sebum needs enough time to nourish the hair roots and scalp.

As for styling products, a natural gel (for example, gel with aloe vera) is a great natural solution. These types of gel protect the hair from aggressive outdoor factors such as sunlight, cold, pollution, etc. It also moisturizes the strands. Hair stays soft, and the scalp stays balanced.

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This delicate shampoo is very gentle, fragrance-free, and has no essential oils.
Suitable for children over 3 years.

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Natural gel with aloe vera.


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