The Heavenly Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

De etherische olie van zure sinaasappel wordt neroli olie, neroli etherische olie of oranjebloesem olie genoemd

Orange Blossom Oil

Neroli oil, more commonly known as orange blossom, is produced from the blossoms of the bitter oranges of a citrus tree. Oil production mainly comes from Tunisia and Morocco.

This amazing tree is bursting with natural oils within the fruit, flowers, and leaves. Neroli (or orange blossom) essential oil is produced from the blossoms of the bitter oranges while the sister oil petitgrain comes from the leaves. The difference between orange Blossom oil and petitgrain is that the bitter oranges give orange blossom a very intense scent, while petitgrain has a warm and somewhat spicy fragrance.

Delicate white or light pink flowers are freshly hand-picked in the early mornings from late April to early May. The delicate buds are picked in the morning as the aroma is most concentrated at that time of the day. A steam distillation process produces floral water, better known as orange blossom water. This water is characterized for its relaxing and comforting properties as well as for its culinary uses.

Furthermore, the steaming process also provides the neroli essential oil, an oil that is widely used in the perfume and fragrance industry. The orange blossom oil scent is sweet and pleasant. But since six kilos of bitter orange flowers are needed to produce 5 ml of neroli essential oil, this orange blossom oil is one of the most expensive essential oils on the market.

Neroli essential oil, named after the princess of Nerola, Marie-Anne Orsini introduced the bitter orange to the Italian community at the end of the 17th century. She used the bitter orange essential oil to perfume her gloves and baths. After her husband’s death, she wanted to honor his land in the small town of Nerola. She therefore named the fragrance, which was so dear to her heart, “neroli.”

The Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

The neroil (or orange blossom) essential oil mainly consists of linalool, which is why it is a miracle oil for physical aches and pains. It has excellent antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic properties. Additionally, neroli oil stimulates the liver and pancreas, reduces blood pressure, and regenerates the skin. It also has a calming effect on the body and mind which is a positive treating element for people who suffer from depression, digestion problems, and blood circulation. Finally, neroli essential oil is claimed to have aphrodisiac properties.

Neroli oil has a wide range of uses from curing infections (colds, bronchitis, etc) to treating varicose veins and hemorrhoids to helping women during childbirth.

Neroli oil has therapeutic qualities and is excellent for people who are nervous or suffer from a burn-outs. This orange blossom oil soothes agitated nerves, stress, mental fatigue (along with hyperventilation), palpitations, and hypertension.

Orange blossom oil is mainly used to enhance fragrances with its floral scent. In cosmetics, it is also added to creams and vegetable oils. It can also enhance the scent of homemade serums and creams.

This essential oil also treats scars and stretch marks, tones the skin, reduces the signs of wrinkles, rosacea, or slackness. Neroli oil also relieves itching on sensitive skin.

Particular care should be taken when using the orange blossom oil on people who suffer from epileptic seizures, children under 3 years of age, and pregnant women in their first trimester.

Main componen

Alcohol (Linalool)

  • The beauty industry adds it to creams and vegetable oils
  • Enhance the scent of homemade serums and creams
  • Give perfumes an alluring fragrance

  • Calming
  • Relaxing
  • Helps with depression, digestion and blood circulation

  • Digestive problems (abdominal pain, liver and pancreas, etc.)
  • Treating colds, bronchitis
  • To relieve hemorrhoids (varicose veins)
  • Used during labor
  • Burn-outs

Hairborist Products with Neroli Essential Oil

beurre de karite contient du neroli fleur d'oranger citrus aurantium amara


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