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What does organic mean?

Before we go into a detailed explanation about our organic hair shampoo, let’s first define what the word ‘organic’ means. An organic product consists of whole, unadulterated materials and ingredients straight from nature without being synthetically treated. Organic is, simply put, completely natural, ethical, and good-for-the-planet.

The organic concept helps us at Hairborist stay close to our values. Our natural hair care line, which includes our shampoo, offers all the benefits of nature. Our shampoos come from traditional and artisanal processes with high-quality, untreated ingredients. We have turned our backs on chemicals and, instead, returned to the essence of nature.

Organic hair shampoo with ethical principles and values

Our company guarantees its consumers four fundamental principles: quality, health, environment, and ethics. All of our products, including our organic hair shampoo, fulfill these principles. We attach great importance to these principles. They guide and strengthen us.

Ecogarantie is an independent organic certification body. As one of the most stringent quality labels in Europe, they have inspected our company processes very thoroughly. They confirm that Hairborist wholeheartedly adheres to organic principles and processes.

Our organic shampoo range

Our organic hair shampoo range is richly formulated and possesses the power of nature. Organic soap nuts are at the base of our shampoo while sweet orange and bergamot essential oils penetrate the hair fiber. Our nutrient rich shampoos balance the pH of the scalp, intensively clean the hair, make it shiny, and bring it back to life. These sought-after qualities are all thanks to the natural plant extracts found only in natural shampoo!

By promoting both sustainable production and consumption, Hairborist strives to raise awareness of organic products on a daily basis. Many of us are shifting toward healthier lifestyles, and the future is for each of us. Using organic products really is the way forward for a new generation of eco-conscious consumers. Although it may seem like a small step for you alone, together, this shift can have an immensely positive impact on the environment!

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