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How to pick the perfect hair brush or comb?

Hair damage from friction

We all agree a hair brush or comb is a wonderful tool for styling our hair. But have you ever thought about all the damage they might do to our beautiful locks? Using the wrong type of brush or comb creates friction with your strands, resulting in widespread damage. More specifically, vigorous brushing hurts the cuticle of the hair. This is the precious outer layer that protects the cortex of the hair. This layer consists of microscopic scales that protect the hair. The sharp ends of a brush can strip away the top layer of the scalp. When you experience cuticle damage, the hair tends to become weak and can fall out.

There are certain types of brushes or combs you should avoid using. Tools made of plastic and metal have been known to cause damage to the hair fiber. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the material from which your brush or comb is made in order to reduce frictional damage to your hair.

The perfect hair brush or comb for your hair

So, if metal or plastic brushes and combs are out of the question, what type do I choose? We advise one made from wood! A hair brush with wooden bristles or a wide-tooth wooden comb is gentler on the hair and is excellent for detangling those horrid knots. It has also been proven that wooden brushes and combs reduce static, prevent knots from forming, and cause less breakage. Using styling tools made from wood will make you feel like you’re having a scalp massage daily, which is excellent for blood circulation.
We know that selecting the perfect hair brush or comb is no easy task. However, you can start by giving your strands a better chance of survival by at least changing to one that is proven to cause less long-term damage.

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