Fabric softener

Fabric softener with lavender essential oil

Although fabric softener is sometimes forgotten when doing the laundry, it’s still an important step. Without it, your laundry won’t feel as supple and soft. Use Hairborist fabric softener to protect the fibers and ensure your clothes come out silky soft.

This fabric softener is 99% natural and will have your clothes smelling great thanks to the added lavender essential oil. Give your clothes a wonderful lavender fragrance while gently washing them and maintaining their natural suppleness.


Add a dosing pump (1 dosing pump = 30ml) to your washing machine. Make sure to pour this in the allocated dispenser of your machine and not directly onto your laundry. When handwashing, use 15ml of detergent for every 5l of water. Don’t use for microfibers or breathable clothing.

Fabric Softener


5-15% cationic surfactants, <5% perfume (lavandin essential oil*), linalool. Other Ingredients: water, isopropanol, citric acid.

* Ingredients derived from organic farming

99% of the ingredients are of natural origin