Animal Test-Free Vegan Cosmetics & Skin Care

Cruelty free labels garanderen dat producten dierproefvrij zijn

Cosmetics in Europe

Testing cosmetics on animals in the beauty industry has always been a highly debated topic. Nowadays, a growing number of brands are opting for the “Cruelty-Free” label on their cosmetics. In 2009, the European Union banned testing ingredients on animals within the EU. In 2013, the full ban came into effect whereby it is illegal to sell finished products or ingredients that have been tested on animals. Any company found offering cosmetics which are tested on animals can be prosecuted. So, what other guarantees does it bring to the consumer?

China and testing on animals

China, the world’s 3rd largest cosmetic market, has made significant efforts in moving away from testing; however, their overall technical infrastructure remains weak. Some argue that for certain cosmetic products, testing is mandatory! Shockingly the government requires testing imported cosmetics on animals. So, cosmetic manufacturers exporting to China are still confined by these laws. Even an European bio labelled brand sold in China could have been tested on animals before sold to consumers.

What does Cruelty Free represent?

Of all the Cruelty Free labels on the market, Leaping Bunny and Cruelty Free from PETA are by far the most stringent. These labels ensure that the brand prohibits exportation to China and no ingredient or finished product has been tested on animals.

What does Cruelty Free guarantee?

  • No finished product or ingredient has been tested on animals.
  • Suppliers do not carry out experimental testing on animals.
  • The brand agrees to random checks at any time by an independent body.

Buying vegan cosmetics

Hairborist is a Belgian company that is 100% committed to no testing on any kind of animal. Our vegan cosmetics range is manufactured in Belgium and exported to the surrounding countries, UK, France, Germany… Under no circumstances do we trade with China, which ensures that no testing on animals of our products has been carried out. Our entire product range is vegan, except for our wax, which contains natural beeswax. Finally, we have selected to work with the accredited organic label Ecogarantie, which also prohibits testing on animals.