Color and Care: Discover the power of plants!

Hairborist organic hair products are suitable for all hair types

Hairborist, discover the power of nature

Your hair deserves to be treated gently, and what better way to care for it than to tap into nature’s powerful resources. Your hair finds everything it needs in the natural active ingredients of plants. These leave your hair strong, shiny and silky smooth to the touch. Choosing Hairborist products means choosing to take care of yourself and the environment.

Hairborist was founded over 25 years ago, back when organic cosmetics were relatively unknown to the general public. But we were so passionate about nature and its multiple resources that we wanted to develop products that respect both people and the environment. Our goal was simple: to select ingredients of the highest quality and develop formulas that enrich the soul and unveil the power of plant-based cosmetics. And so, step-by-step, Hairborist was born.

Bernadette en Frédéric, founders of Hairborist

Aromatherapy, a true source of wellbeing

Essential oils are loaded with benefits for your hair and scalp. By using our Aromasynergies en Aromactifs, you’ll notice a real improvement to the condition of your hair and scalp. But the benefits of essential oils aren’t limited to just our physical condition. In fact, essential oils have the ability to affect our emotional responses too. Feeling stressed, anxious or tired? The pleasant aromas of essential oils help you relax and refocus, for a moment of pure wellness and intense wellbeing. More than just a simple hair treatment, Hairborist offers a unique sensory experience that benefits both mind and body.

Hairborist natural hair dye is 100% pure and adds extra shine

Natural hair dye, where color and care merge

Did you know you that can color your hair and give it a hair care treatment at the same time? That’s right, because that’s exactly what happens when your switch to plant-based hair dye. How’s that possible? Because plant dye is made up entirely of a mixture of sun-dried powder from plants, flowers or bark and water. Nothing more! The natural pigments coat the hair, leaving it shiny, smooth and healthy. Light blonde, fiery red or deep brown: enjoy a beautifully intense color that will blow everyone away!

Hairborist, the highest professional quality

In recent years, organic products have emerged as a real trend. Not at Hairborist. For us, it’s a vision, a way of life. When Hairborist was founded 25 years ago, we opted for natural ingredients from the offset. Our mission? To offer organic and sustainable hair products of the highest quality.

Besides the distributer, we’re also the manufacturer. We develop all our own products and we do so locally, in Belgium. In other words, we have full control. There’s not a single ingredient or production phase that holds any secrets for us. Each ingredient is carefully selected according to their characteristics, properties and quality.

Thanks to our vast experience, we’ve built up an enormous amount of knowledge. And we’re happy to share this knowledge with you, a professional in the beauty industry. Looking for a brand that not only teaches you all about its products but about the story behind them, too? Then we’re the perfect fit! Thanks to our specialized courses and training, we help every hair salon transform into true experts in the field of organic hairdressing.

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