Hairborist opts for Ecogarantie, the strictest label in Europe

Our label

At Hairborist, we choose to certify our products with the Ecogarantie label, which is the strictest label in Europe. Ecogarantie is a Belgian ecological and organic label that guarantees safe and fair products for everyone. Manufacturers, consumers and animals alike can trust in Ecogarantie. Choosing a certified Hairborist product means choosing a product that’s truly environmentally friendly, sustainable, organic, ethically responsible and not tested on animals.

Why we chose Ecogarantie

From the many labels available, we chose Ecogarantie for the simple reason that we want to offer you the highest quality standard. The Ecogarantie label is the strictest label on the European market, so it guarantees safe and healthy products. Moreover, the label is only valid for a year, meaning independent external control bodies verify the certified products each year. This gives you maximum guarantee and allows you to use products you can truly trust.

Ecograntie label
Ecogarantie focuses on 6 key points

Ecogarantie assurances

The Ecogarantie label has been committed to protecting nature for over 20 years. Their mission? To offer consumers fairer and more organic products. To reach this goal, their mission is based on 6 key points:

100% organic

All plant-based ingredients originate entirely from organic farming and are therefore 100% organic. This requires a natural production method without the use of synthetic chemicals, GMOs or pesticides.


The Ecogarantie label is a non-profit organization that aims to guarantee safe and environmentally friendly products. As a public organization, it offers an official guarantee and testifies to a higher quality that offers consumers certainty.


Ecogarantie strictly forbids the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the products it certifies. Products don’t contain any traces of genetically modified organisms.

100% neutral

Independent control bodies carry out certification neutrally. They monitor the production to make sure requirements are met. Based on their report, Ecogarantie then chooses whether or not to hand out the label. This guarantees that all certified products meet the strict Ecogarantie standards.


Certified products are organic and therefore biodegradable. They therefore minimize their impact on the environment, as everything can be broken down in a natural way.

No petrochemicals

Petrochemicals are derived from crude oil and can therefore be harmful. Ecogarantie prohibits the use of petrochemicals and all other petrochemical components.

A committed label with respect for the environment

Global warming is getting worse, and the planet needs our help. Ecogarantie aims to protect Mother Nature en her inhabitants by encouraging companies to minimize their ecological footprint. The selected ingredients are organic, safe and reusable where possible. Ecogarantie also advocates a zero-waste policy in which limited transport, reusable packaging and waste reduction play a central role in order to limit pollution as much as possible.