Tous les shampoings Hairborist lavent le cheveu sans l’agresser


Do you have a sensitive scalp or greasy hair? Our 5 Hairborist shampoos are adapted to the peculiarities of your hair and skin, with different washing intensities according to your needs. Thanks to their optimal pH level and natural composition derived from organic and natural plant extracts, these shampoos intensely cleanse your hair while maintaining a gentle and respectful approach to overall scalp and hair health. Each shampoo has been certified by Ecogarantie, the strictest label on the European market.



Wash your hair gently with these natural and organic shampoos. These organic shampoos with bio label are free of aggressive detergents and derive their cleansing power from organic soap nuts and amino acid derivatives. Each shampoo is adapted to various needs.


Shampoo for very sensitive scalp

Daily Clean

Mild shampoo for daily use

Harmony Clean

Shampoo for hair that gets greasy quickly

Color Clean

Shampoo for chemically dyed hair

Men Tonic

Fresh shampoo for men

A unique formula

Reliable composition

Respects the balance of the scalp

No chemical detergents or controversial substances

Formulas adapted to every need

Refillable bottles

Le shampoing Sensity est extrêmement doux pour la peau et les cheveux


This shampoo is perfectly suited for those who suffer from a very sensitive scalp. Thanks to a cleansing essence obtained from organic and natural soap nuts, this shampoo is extremely mild to the skin and hair. It’s also free from any fragrance or essential oils, which guarantees optimal comfort for even the most sensitive.

Daily Clean

This extremely mild and purifying shampoo is perfect for those who wash their hair on a daily basis. Its natural formula made from amino acid derivatives, without sulfates and embellished with a subtle fragrance of essential oils, deeply cleanses the hair without damaging it, leaving it fresher and lighter than ever.

Le shampoing Daily Clean est adapté à un usage quotidien
Le shampoing Harmony Clean est adapté aux cheveux qui graissent rapidement

Harmony Clean

This rebalancing shampoo is specially designed for those with an oily scalp and hair. Enriched with essential oils, this organic shampoo reduces excess sebum production and rebalances the scalp with extreme tenderness, leaving your scalp feeling fresh and airy.

This shampoo is perfectly suited for those with chemically treated hair. Its creamy texture made from organic soap nuts gently washes the colored hair fibers while respecting the balance of the hair and scalp. Its formula with rice proteins and aloe vera leaves your hair extra hydrated and silky smooth to the touch.

Le shampoing Color Clean est adapté aux cheveux colorés ou traités chimiquement
Le shampoing Men Tonic pour les hommes lave en douceur

Men Tonic

Made from organic soap nuts, this shampoo is specially formulated for active men who want to take care of their hair. Enriched with essential oils from spearmint and vetiver, this creamy gel deeply yet gently washes your hair, restoring freshness and tone. It can also be used as a shower gel.