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Hairborist: the best natural hair products and a moment of wellbeing


How top natural hair products offer a moment of relaxation…

Wellness. Something we all crave in a fast-paced world stamped with the stress and pressures of everyday life. A moment suspended in time, devoted entirely to yourself and your wellbeing. A moment of respite that lets us catch our breath and clear our head. Isn’t that what we all want?

That’s why Hairborist has launched a unique concept that combines natural wellness with your hair care routine. Each of our natural hair treatment products is carefully formulated to make the most of the rich and beneficial properties of essential oils. Aromatherapy is at the heart of this concept, improving wellbeing thanks to the power of nature.

You’ll enjoy a unique and personalized experience thanks to our high-end natural hair care products, specifically tailored to meet the needs of your hair and scalp type.


For over 25 years, we’ve focused on creating the best natural hair care products with a vision. To achieve this vision, innovation and development are key. The Hairborist concept therefore consists of a revolutionary four-step plan.


Deeply nourish and repair the hair thanks to a tailored hair care treatment from plant-based essential oils. These oils are carefully selected according to their rich and beneficial natural properties. They repair the hair fiber from within and restore the hair’s natural beauty and structure. For a tailored experience, enrich your oil with a concentrate of essential oils that contain powerful and precise properties that target specific problems.



A shampoo should gently wash the hair without damaging the scalp. That’s why Hairborist offers a range of shampoos without any aggressive detergents. Enjoy an extremely mild wash thanks to organic amino acid derivatives and soap nuts. The natural cleansing properties of these components allow you to gently wash your hair while preserving its natural hydration. And the adapted pH level of the shampoos respects the fragile balance of your scalp.



An organic conditioner can close the hair cuticles without suffocating them. This allows the hair to breathe while restoring its natural beauty and suppleness. Hairborist conditioners also intensely hydrate the hair without weighing it down, thereby restoring the natural state and health of the hair fiber.



The Hairborist has developed the best natural hair styling products to shape and sublimate all hairstyles in a natural way. Style and fix your hairstyle gently and flexibly, without weighing down the hair. Each styling product is enriched with essential oils that provide recognized benefits and delicate fragrances.




Zero waste: Good for the planet and your wallet

Did you know that you can refill your empty Hairborist bottles at the hair salon? Once it’s empty, take your empty bottle to your local Hairborist salon. Your hairdresser will refill all your most popular natural hair products with the larger containers from the salon. This offers a zero-waste alternative that helps do our bit for the planet. And that’s not all: you’ll receive a 10% reduction on each refilled bottle to thank you for the kind gesture toward Mother Nature.

The best natural hair products

A meaningful commitment to the planet

Imagine a world without pollution or climate change. Imagine a world in which we live in harmony with nature. Sounds wonderful, right? This is the world Hairborist strives for. We want to offer a new approach to hairdressing and beauty that’s sustainable and respectful of our planet. Not alone, but together. Together, with you.

That’s why we offer environmentally friendly natural hair products for women that prove that beauty and sustainability go hand in hand. Eco-responsibility is a core value that guides our production process from start to finish. This is the only way to guarantee ethically responsible and clean natural hair products. Discover our sustainability charter and core values to which we’re committed.

Natural hair care products respect the planet and are sustainable

Natural ingredients

Hairborist personally selects its ingredients and ensures all ingredients are of the highest quality.

Hairborist natural hair care products are made from ingredients derived directly from nature. That’s true for most natural hair products, right? But did you know that what really makes a difference is the concentration of these active natural ingredients? The more concentrated, the more effective. And therein lies the strength of Hairborist. As manufacturers, we personally and carefully select our raw materials. Our secret? Only the most concentrated and most qualitative natural ingredients are good enough!

Organic origin

Ingredients used must be as pure and clean as possible, which is why we opt for organic cultivation.

At Hairborist, we’ve decided to take our natural approach even further by choosing as many organic ingredients as possible. When possible, we’ll always opt for the organic version of an ingredient. Adopting a natural and organic approach means limiting human interference as much as possible. This means opting for ingredients in their original state, in the state in which Mother Nature gave them to us. Great natural hair products don’t get any purer than that!

Zero waste

Our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials and Hairborist products can be refilled at our partner salons.

Good natural hair products require clean and eco-responsible packaging. Our bottles are made from 100% recycled and recyclable PET, sourced from European manufacturers. But there’s an even better alternative: instead of recycling your packaging, you can choose not to produce any at all! By taking your empty Hairborist bottle to one of our partner hair salons, you can have your bottle refilled with larger, in-salon containers. Refill your bottle endlessly for a zero-waste hair care routine!

Environmentally friendly production

As part of our eco-responsible brand, sustainability is at the heart of our entire production process.

Top natural hair products aren’t just about natural ingredients. No, they’re about much more than that! At Hairborist, they’re about guaranteeing sustainability at every step of the manufacturing process. This includes working with 100% renewable energy, responsible transport, and non-polluting raw materials. In short, our production process is entirely clean and responsible.


To avoid a negative impact on the environment, we’ve created biodegradable hair products.

Did you know that hair products make their way into the ocean after rinsing? So the composition of these products is of utmost importance. But you don’t have to worry about this with Hairborist. We use ingredients derived directly from nature, which means they’re also biodegradable. So these pose no risk to the oceans or their inhabitants.

No animal testing

Neither our raw material nor our finished products are tested on animals. We guarantee products that respect the planet and all its inhabitants.

In addition to protecting the planet, animal protection is a core value of our eco-responsible and ethical approach. Hairborist is 100% cruelty-free: neither our raw materials nor our finished products are tested on animals. That’s how we guarantee and work for the protection of all animals.


Our natural hair care products are certified by Ecogarantie, the strictest label in Europe.

Ecogarantie not only controls and certifies our hair products but also guarantees the core values mentioned above. It’s the strictest eco-label in Europe and carries out its controls by independent monitoring bodies. This guarantees reliable monitoring and avoids any conflicts of interest.

Good natural hair products have various health benefits

Natural hair care products

A gentle treatment for your body

Are you looking for soft and healthy natural hair products? Maybe it’s because you’re allergic? Or maybe it’s because you need a shampoo with an optimal pH level to restore balance to your scalp and hair. Then the luxury natural hair products from Hairborist are precisely what you’re looking for! Why? Because our list of natural hair products has been carefully formulated with special attention to ensuring a healthy body and mind. Each hair product consists of mild ingredients derived from nature. Without any aggressive chemical substances or harmful ingredients. Just pure nature!

Adapted pH level and balance of the scalp

All products have an extremely balanced composition and a pH level that matches that of the skin and scalp.

The hair fiber and the scalp are connected. They both need to be treated very gently. The advantage of good natural hair products is that each ingredient is used in its most tender and most gentle version. This respects and maintains the balance of the scalp and hair fiber.

In addition, all Hairborist products have an adapted pH level, thereby matching that of the skin and scalp.

Suitable for people with allergies

The mild natural ingredients of Hairborist products are the perfect solution for people who are prone to irritation or allergies.

Unfortunately, allergies are becoming more and more common. The cosmetics industry has become accustomed to using ingredients that cause allergies and irritation. The list of allergies that are caused by various ingredients is long.

Hairborist excludes the use of these chemically allergenic ingredients. In fact, our natural hair treatment products are specially formulated so that even the most sensitive people can benefit from them, preventing allergies and soothing irritation.

Remedy for scalp and hair conditions

Our tailored hair treatments provide lasting solutions to even the most profound scalp and hair conditions.

Do you suffer from dandruff, greasy hair or hair loss? Or perhaps from itching, eczema or psoriasis? Then you’ve probably tried out a bunch of different things to treat this? Unfortunately, many treatments don’t offer a long-term solution.

Hairborist has created a range of top natural hair products that treat hair and scalp problems effectively with long-term effect. They offer an in-depth treatment with lasting results.