Les produits coiffants Hairborist permettent de coiffer votre chevelure naturellement


After shampooing, hydrating and nourishing the hair, it’s time to style it. Whether you have fine, curly, straight, frizzy or thick hair, you’ll find the right hair care products in our styling assortment. More volume, less frizz, stronger hold. You name it! Get the best hairstyles without damaging your hair thanks to our range of organic styling products. Amazing results guaranteed!

Finishing products

Fix, style or add texture to your best hairstyles. The Hairborist finishing products give your hairstyles long-lasting shape. Plus, everything’s organic!

Foam Lotion

Volumizing mousse with roses


Organic blowout mousse with anti-frizz effect


Organic hair spray without propellants


Reparative serum that protects the hair


Fixing gel with aloe vera


Natural matte wax with strong hold

Nectar Bio Wax

Organic matte wax with strong hold


Natural wax with glossy finish

A unique formula

Reliable composition


Easy to brush out

Non-stick with natural finish

For daily use

La Foam Lotion donne du volume et du corps à votre chevelure

Foam Lotion

This firming mousse with plant extracts is ideal for fine, limp hair. Delicately scented with rose essential oil, this mousse adds dimension to your hair without leaving it stiff or coarse. Use this foam for supple, blow-dried hair that will hold for a long time without feeling sticky.


This silicone-free mouse enriched with plant extracts detangles and smoothens the hair, resulting in less frizz. Thanks to its antistatic properties, the mousse prepares the hair for a blow-dry and protects the hair cuticles, leaving your hair silky smooth, perfectly shaped and with an incredible shine.

Le Hairtonic prépare vos cheveux au brushing
Le Hairspray est une laque naturelle coiffante


This organic hair spray adds body to your hairstyle without damaging your hair or making it sticky. With no propellants or preservatives, this spray is extra gentle for your hair. Hairspray is pleasantly scented with refreshing essential oils of litsea and keeps your locks in place while maintaining its suppleness all day long.


This 100% natural elixir is the final touch of the 3-phase care protocol. Thanks to its active ingredients, it hydrates, protects the hair from external aggressions, and gives it a radiant shine. Delicately scented with essential citrus oils, it ideally completes the wellness experience with the energizing properties of these oils.

Le serum hairborist
Le gel Aloes est concentré en aloe vera


This natural gel helps style your hair while nourishing and hydrating it. Thanks to its high concentration of aloe vera, an ingredient known for its strong hydrating properties, Aloes allows you to shape your hair without damaging it. This gel leaves no residue and is easy to brush out.


This matte wax with strong hold keeps your hair in shape for hours on end without damaging or weighing it down. Thanks to its natural protective film, enriched with beeswax and green clay, this wax is specifically designed for hairstyles that require extra strong hold. Use this wax to sculpt your hair into amazing looks.

Le Beeswax est une cire mate enrichie en cire d’abeille et en argile
La Nectar Bio Wax fixe vos coiffures tout en hydratant et en nourrissant votre cheveu

Nectar Bio Wax

This organic styling product with matte finish is made with beeswax, for a strong hold, and honey, for intense hydration. It combines great styling properties with optimal hair care. The essential oils in Nectar Bio Wax delicately perfume the hair, allowing you to shape any hairstyle with the necessary mildness for your hair.


This natural styling wax gives your hair added body, texture and volume and brings effortless movement to your hair. The subtle notes of essential oils give this styling product a touch of freshness while the rice proteins leave your hair silky smooth, for a dazzling result.

La cire Wax modèle le cheveu et lui apporte de la brillance