At Hairborist, we believe hair treatments should be applied on dry hair, before washing. Why? Because active ingredients are much better absorbed by dry hair than by wet hair. The treatment consists of a base oil that repairs the hair. This oil is then enriched with Aromactifs or Aromasynergies, for a treatment tailored to your personal needs. This is how we offer a moment of true relaxation and wellness while restoring beauty and vitality to your hair.

For extra repair, apply the oil treatment to dry hair before shampooing

A unique formula

Reliable composition


Visibly improves hair condition

Repairs the hair fiber

Refillable bottles

Renovator is an intense repair oil that nourishes the hair extra profoundly


This ultra-intense treatment is perfectly suited for dry and damaged hair. This complex of precious and essential oils offers an endless wealth of nutritional value for your hair and scalp. It repairs the hair by penetrating deeply into the hair fiber, restoring its radiance and shine. Combine with one or more Aromactifs or Aromasynergies for a truly customized treatment tailored to your hair or scalp type.


This mix of organic and essential oils is specially formulated to revitalize dull and lackluster hair. This treatment hydrates and nourishes the hair while rebalancing the scalp, restoring the hair’s vigor and shine. Combine with one or more Aromasynergies or Aromactifs for a customized treatment tailored to your hair or scalp type.

Repair is a repair oil that nourishes the hair

Instructions for Hairborist oil treatment

Step 1 for applying the oil treatment

First choose which base to use: Repair or Renovator. Then choose one or more Aromactifs or Aromasynergies. Finally, you’ll need an applicator bottle to apply the treatment.

Step 2 for applying the oil treatment

Fill the applicator bottle with 20 ml of Repair or Renovator.

Step 3 for applying the oil treatment

Add a total of 10 drops of your chosen Aromactif or Aromasynergie. If you’ve chosen more than one, make sure to respect the maximum amount (distribute the 10 drops over all the bottles instead of using 10 drops of each). Mix well.

Step 4 for applying the oil treatment

Apply the oil to your scalp before applying it to the lengths of your hair. Leave for 5 to 20 minutes.

Step 5 for applying the oil treatment

After leaving the treatment to take effect, rinse and then wash your hair.


Aromasynergies are concentrated essential oils with many different effects. When added to Repair or Renovator, they transform your oil treatments into tailored treatments used for targeted scalp or hair problems.


For sensitive scalps and skin conditions


For dry scalps with flakes


For greasy hair


For extreme hair loss


For dry and damaged hair


For hair that suffers from unwanted visitors


Aromactifs are concentrated essential oils that enrich your hair and scalp. Add them to Repair or Renovator for a tailored treatment that focuses not only on scalp and hair problems but on hair color and emotional wellbeing too.


Sublimates blonde hair


Sublimates copper hair tones


Sublimates red hair tones


Sublimates dark hair tones


Relieves sensitive scalps and treats skin conditions


Treats dry scalp and flakes


Regulates excess sebum and greasy scalps


Prevents hair loss


Intensely repairs dry hair


Cleanses the hair from unwanted visitors


Boost for feminine wellbeing


Source of spiritual wellbeing

Hairborist has two masks: a mask with green clay and a mask with shea butter

Our masks

Besides our oil treatments, there are also two nourishing masks that enrich and treat your hair. Whether you want to nourish your hair or cleanse your scalp, these Hairborist masks offer an intense and effective treatment.

A unique formula

Reliable composition


Enriched with essential oils

Intense care

Long-lasting solution

Mask is made with green clay and cleanses the scalp


This green clay mask enriched with essential oils is particularly recommended for cleansing the scalp. It removes impurities quickly and effectively. Accumulation from excess sebum production results in an oily scalp and hair. The clay mask absorbs the excess sebum and regulates sebum production. This detoxifying and cleansing treatment also prepares the hair for natural hair dye by removing any chemical residues.


This ultra-nourishing treatment with shea butter nourishes, hydrates and repairs dry and damaged hair. Its rich active ingredients restore the hair’s natural shine, leaving it silky smooth to the touch. The added rice proteins will give the hair an extra boost. This is a truly nourishing mask that sublimates the hair and restores its shine.

Karite is made with shea butter and deeply treats the hair