Our story

“Before founding Hairborist, I had tried out many different hair products. But unfortunately, I was always left feeling disappointed. Time and again, I suffered from allergic reactions. I couldn’t find a single brand suitable for me. I kept looking but could never find a solution. Until, one day, I decided to look into aromatherapy. With this knowledge, I tried to make my own products, purely for personal use. And it worked! What a feeling!

After sharing my experience with friends and family, I quickly learned that many people had similar problems. They asked if I could make a product for them, too. That’s when Bernadette and I decided to start developing products for more than just ourselves. We wanted to help others, too.

And that’s how Hairborist was born. Step by step. Product by product. And our philosophy has remained unchanged: developing products that are healthy for everyone; man, animal and environment alike.”

Frédéric, founder of Hairborist


It’s been over 25 years since we started our family business. To this day, we’re as committed to developing natural and organic hair products as ever. All these years, we’ve been able to delve into the world of botany and aromatherapy so we can offer our customers unique hair products. Choosing hair care products from Hairborist means choosing products with valuable and undeniable know-how. It means choosing unique products with a soul: products that are good for your hair and our planet.


Besides the distributer, we’re also the manufacturer. That’s right, we manufacture all our products ourselves. It’s a practice of pure craftsmanship as we carefully select the best ingredients for you. Each natural extract, essential oil and plant powder is personally chosen by our team in an effort to develop unique treatments with beneficial properties for each of our customers. We know our products inside and out. We know everything there is to know about them. And we mean everything.

100% Belgian

Hairborist is Belgian through and through. We’re located in Meulebeke, a small but pleasant village in the heart of West Flanders. And by located we mean that this is where we feel at home. From accounting to shipping to production itself, this is where it all happens. And it always will. Because only then can we hold sway over the entire development and production process. Add to this that we’re also able to create local employment opportunities and it’s a win-win for everyone!

Natural ingredients and sustainability

These days, organic hair care products and natural hair dye are increasingly popular. Back to basics, respect for the environment, natural beauty… there are so many different reasons to opt for natural products. But Hairborist made a conscious choice for plant-based, organic and sustainable products over 25 years ago. Why? Because we wanted to return to essence. That’s why we offer products that are not only good for consumers but for animals and the environment, too. Every life has value, which is why we want to do everything we can to minimize our impact on the planet and its inhabitants while simultaneously creating unique hair care products that regenerate the hair. We also choose to have our products checked and certified by Ecogarantie, the strictest quality label in Europe. Because for us, sustainability isn’t just a trend; it’s a conviction. It’s a choice we made long ago and will continue to champion.

The products are created with raw materials extracted directly from nature

The Hairborist team

Behind every strong company is a strong team. To help Hairborist succeed, we’ve surrounded ourselves with a dynamic team. People driven by true conviction and concerned with the wellbeing of both our consumers and the planet. Each and every one of them is worth their weight in gold!